Transform the look of your vehicle with subtle changes or a full vinyl wrap.

Wrapping is an extremely popular way to change the look of your car at an affordable cost. We can offer a variety of options with a huge range of colours to choose from. We can also wrap various interior parts.

Roof, Bonnet & Panel Wraps

Roof Wraps are a simple way to really change the look of your vehicle, not only do they look great but they help protect your paint too. Gloss black roof wraps have become so popular some manufacturers offer this option with brand new cars.
Carbon bonnet wraps are also fairly popular amongst the modified car community and can look really good.

Grille Surround Wraps.

A lot of manufacturers supply cars with chrome grill surrounds these days and we think they look better coloured, black or wrapped with carbon fibre effect. This wrap saves the hassles involved with removing the bumper and replacing the surround making it a very nice alternative to replacing the part or painting and at a fraction of the cost. 

Chrome Trim Wraps.

Chrome window surrounds can look tired after a while and often go cloudy, wrapping them with vinyl can make the car look a lot cleaner and stealthier. This is a fairly new thing that we have been offering and so far our customers have been extremely happy with the results.
It's hard to see the difference in these pictures as once wrapped they look completely factory finished.

Full Body Wraps.

Full body wraps are a cost effective way to completely change the colour of your car without the cost of a full respray. Vinyl can also help protect your paint against scratches and stonechips and if you decide to change your mind after some time it can be removed without harm to the original paint surface.


If you are looking to get any part of your car wrapped please call to discuss options and costs involved.


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